The Importance of Real Time Order Tracking for E-Commerce Fulfilment

Streamlining the order process for your e-commerce store increases customer satisfaction, making them more likely to come back. Customers like to know where their package is and how long it has left before delivery – real time order tracking is the way to show them.

At Allegro Logistics, we provide cutting edge technologies to integrate all aspects of your e-commerce store and supply chain management. In this article we’ll discuss what real time order tracking is and how to set it up with your platform.

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What is Real Time Order Tracking?

Real time order tracking uses a combination of software and hardware called a Real Time Location System (RTLS). This solution allows customers to see where their order is, often with supplementary data such as the remaining time or stops left before the order reaches them.

What are the Benefits of Real Time Order Tracking?

The benefits of real time order tracking for the customer are:

  • Comfort
  • Security in knowing exactly where their order is
  • It shows the order hasn’t gone missing
  • When combined with the supplementary data, it gives them the knowledge of roughly when the order will arrive

This allows customers to plan their schedule around their order, preventing it from bouncing back to the depot if it arrives while they’re out.

Another benefit of real time order tracking is for e-commerce businesses and storefronts. By the customer knowing where their order is and when it is likely to arrive, you will receive less queries as to the location and status of the customer’s package.

This reduces admin time and resources with regards to customer service, enabling you to run your business operations more smoothly and without unnecessary interruption.

Knowing exactly where your package is allows you to give detailed feedback to customers, as well as helping you to prepare for the next step in the supply chain.

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How to Set Up Real Time Order Tracking with Different Platforms

Finding a catch-all solution to your e-commerce platform can seem like a challenge. With so many different platforms and courier services available, integrating them all manually is a near-impossible task. Finding the right software and logistics provider can help you immeasurably.

Whether you’re after real time order tracking for your:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • TikTok Shop

…or any other storefront, there’s an e-commerce solution that’s right for you!

Are Online Trackers Good for Order Tracking?

While online trackers from locations such as the courier’s website are a useful tool, and are often included in more comprehensive tracking systems, they aren’t the best solution.

The reason you’d want to use a different solution is they only track the package while it is in their hands. If the package goes to another courier company, you will need to visit another website and may end up getting confused. It also may not track additional steps like freight shipping, depending on the courier involved.

Even with a consistent report, this solution is also less convenient. It requires locating the courier site and finding the order number before typing it in correctly to see the order’s location. Much more convenient solutions exist to streamline these steps into the click of a button.

How to Track Orders for E-Commerce Fulfilment

At Allegro Logistics, we use Mintsoft to integrate your online storefront with the relevant courier and e-commerce platforms. We can set you up with any of over 50 different options, meaning whatever the best route for your orders is – we can help you fulfil it.

These e-commerce technologies seamlessly integrate our platform into your storefront, creating a faultless customer journey that takes them from placing their order through to the order tracking process and finally a fast and efficient delivery.

Our platform enables you to log in to your account and monitor every stage of this journey, with additional services like stock and inventory management, real-time order status, and reporting data.

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Integrating Order Fulfilment with Your E-Commerce Store

If you’ve already started using a real time order tracker, the next step to further streamline your order fulfilment is by integrating it with your e-commerce store. This will provide you with seamless order tracking, allowing each step of the journey to be carefully monitored.

Another reason to use Allegro Logistics is that we help you to consolidate all aspects of your e-commerce store into a single platform and experience. More than just real time order fulfilment, this allows you to manage every element of your stock and supply chain from a single point of contact.

By reducing the number of steps involved from you and leaving your supply chain management in the hands of trusted experts, you can focus instead on growing your business and offerings while we handle the logistics.

This doesn’t mean you have less control over what happens – in fact, with our RTLS technology, stock management services, and consistent communication, you’ll feel more in control than ever before. Get in touch today to find out more!

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Real Time Order Tracking and E-Commerce Integration from Allegro Logistics

With real time order tracking you can determine exactly where your package is, providing reliable feedback to your customers and letting you prepare for the next step in the supply chain. By integrating it into your e-commerce platform, you can streamline the entire process.

Begin implementing real time order tracking and other e-commerce services to streamline your storefront. Request a quote from the team at Allegro, see our full range of services, or read on with some related articles.

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