DDP vs DAP Shipping – What’s the Difference?

For any business looking into offering international shipping, there are two terms you might have come across: DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) and DAP (Delivered at Place).

These terms refer to the responsibilities and costs associated with the delivery of goods. The choice of which arrangement is best depends on the agreement made between the seller and the buyer and can vary because of the type of goods being shipped, the specific services the buyer requires and the logistics involved.

Developed by the International Chamber of Commerce, these terms, known as ‘Incoterms’, are designed to help standardise shipping options.

If you are trying to figure out which is the best option for your business, our experts at Allegro Logistics have written this article to shed some light on the differences between DDP and DAP shipping.

What is DDP Shipping?

DDP is a type of commercial shipping arrangement, where the seller takes responsibility for the cost of transporting goods, including shipping costs, customs duties, taxes and any other additional fees until they have been delivered to a location the buyer has previously agreed upon.

Due to the additional services attached to DDP shipments, it is often used for products of a higher value, for example, luxury goods, pharmaceutical and medical equipment or art and antiques.

What are the Benefits of DDP?

Provides a Hassle-Free Experience

When making an online purchase, the last thing a customer wants to do is pay excessively high export fees or import duties or go through the hassle of travelling to the depot to collect their order.

From a business standpoint, this drawn-out and expensive process will hardly incentivise customers to make a purchase.

DDP shipping means all of this is taken care of for the buyer so all they have to do is click ‘add to basket’ and pay, resulting in a seamless delivery experience with predictable pricing.

Simplifies the Shipping Process and Reduces Risks

As an Incoterm, the responsibilities set out for a DPP ensure everyone involved in the shipment, from the freight forwarder to the border force officer, has to follow certain rules. With everyone on the same page, it simplifies the process and reduces the risk of anything going wrong with the order.

What are the Drawbacks of DDP?

Higher Upfront Costs

The most significant drawback for sellers in a DDP arrangement is assuming responsibility for all the costs upfront. This includes not just the shipping costs, but also various taxes and duties. Some businesses incorporate these costs into the overall price of their product.

Managing Complex International Shipping

While a DDP arrangement might make the experience seamless for the buyer, it means that all the complexities of navigating international trade are placed on the shoulders of the seller.

This includes having a thorough understanding of international regulations, taxes and customs laws to ensure compliance and avoid legal complications.

What is DAP Shipping?

DAP is another type of shipping arrangement. Similar to DDP shipping, the seller is responsible for delivering the product to the previously agreed-upon location. However, once the product has reached this destination, the buyer is responsible for ensuring the import procedures are followed and costs are paid, including duties, taxes and inspection fees.

What are the Benefits of DAP?

Flexible Costs

While the seller is responsible for the transportation expenses, they do not have to take responsibility for the import costs when the product is delivered, which is especially appealing in locations where import duties are high.

Reduced Upfront Fees

DAP arrangements are especially beneficial for sellers, as they do not need to pay for customs duties and taxes, significantly reducing the upfront cost. This can have a huge impact on capital for businesses dealing with large volumes of international shipments.

What are the Drawbacks of DAP?

Unpredictable Costs for the Buyer

Import duties and taxes can vary depending on location and other factors, and the final amount may not be known until the product arrives at the destination. This lack of predictability can be intimidating as well as complicate budgeting for the buyer.


Potential Delays

While sellers might be familiar with the various processes involved with international shipping, buyers who have had less experience may not understand the multiple factors involved, such as paperwork or coordination with customs authorities. Understandably, this can cause hitches in the import procedure leading to delays.

Additionally, the costs that are incurred due to any delays or detention of products come at the expense of the buyer.


Ultimately the choice between DDP and DAP depends on the specific needs of the buyer and the seller. However, when it comes to international shipping. DDP is often the preferred shipping agreement.

For many businesses, the benefits of DDP including the simplified import processes and predictable costs outweigh the drawbacks. If you want to be able to provide a seamless experience for your customers, DDP ensures that they receive their orders without any unexpected financial or import hurdles.

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