How to use Squarespace and order fulfilment services for E-commerce.

With so many options of website builders and content management systems (CMS), finding the right solution for e-commerce has never been easier.

Squarespace is one of the most popular all-in-one e-commerce solutions that offers both a website builder and CMS. It is one of the most user-friendly options available for E-commerce and offers you more control over your design capabilities.

Why Should I Choose Squarespace for E-Commerce?

Squarespace has been around for a long time and has changed a lot of the years but the latest version of the platform is meant to offer a complete, all-in-one solution to SEO. This is because unlike other e-commerce solutions, Squarespace does not require any plugins, widgets, or additional third-party services (although they are available).

One of the main advantages of using Squarespace is that it has e-mail marketing, SEO and even has features like abandoned cart recovery and product merchandising tools already built-in to the platform. Some other benefits include:

  • Secure and Stable, comes with SSL.
  • You can sell up to 10,0000 products.
  • All-in-one functionality for E-commerce.
  • Full control over customization of pages.
  • Modern looking templates.

What are the Drawbacks of using Squarespace for Ecommerce?

One of the only downsides of Squarespace for E-commerce is that it’s shifting more towards selling services, digital content and subscriptions. Fortunately, Allegro Logistics offers Squarespace fulfilment integration, making it easier to fulfil and manage your orders while taking advantage of the rest of Squarespace’s functionality.

Some of the other drawbacks include:

  • 3% Transaction fees on cheapest plan
  • Can only sell in one currency.
  • Occasional slow load speeds on mobile devices

Website Design and Product Presentation

Squarespace is well-known for having a wide range of modern templates and design capabilities. It offers you more control and is more user-friendly than other options available. As mentioned earlier, all pages can be customized on Squarespace and product presentation is a lot more customisable than alternative website builders.

Squarespace even gives you an option to add Amazon listings and changes can be made to every imaginable to product page feature or content type. Product pages also have integrated product review sections.  A lot of other e-commerce platforms will usually require you to install an additional app or plugin for reviews.

E-commerce and SEO with Squarespace

As mentioned earlier, Squarespace comes with a host of built-in and ready to use tools for SEO and Ecommerce analytics. They have even put together some guides available on the platform to help things make easier and make sure you are following SEO practise.

Squarespace was also the first website builder to directly integrate with Google Search Console. As this is the most reliable source of SEO data, it makes your search optimisation decisions well informed.

Another great feature that can help you leverage SEO for your Squarespace E-commerce business is the ability to add optimised page titles and descriptions. Other platforms and website builders usually require you to install an additional SEO plugin for this.

An optimised website is meant to make it easier for google to understand it but it also helps improve the customer experience for your E-commerce business.

Some other useful SEO features on Squarespace include:

  • Sitemaps
  • SLL Security
  • Indexable URLS
  • Mobile optimization
  • Automatic Schema Markup for Products and other content types
  • Optimised pages and settings
  • SEO friendly translations
  • Mange Google Business listing

These features and tools make it a lot easier for someone without SEO experience to optimise their E-commerce site and shop. They cover most of the vital aspects for SEO and can therefore boost your search visibility and increase organic search rankings.

Therefore, the SEO features and analytics tools will be extremely important for new businesses, especially those without a marketing budget. This is because Organic Traffic is free and can generate significant website traffic so it can be a good starting point for generating sales.

Order Fulfilment and Management

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the benefits of using Squarespace and an idea of how you are going to set up your E-commerce store. Once your website is up and running and you have converting traffic coming in, you’ll need a fulfilment service to actually send your orders to customers.

Fulfilment services offer small business the opportunity to scale their growth and fulfil more orders. Allegro logistics is an established and trusted e-commerce fulfilment service provider; we can help store, pick, pack and ship your E-commerce order to customers. We even make returns easier by processing them for you.

We’ve made it easier to fulfil your orders with our integrated warehouse management system that seamlessly connects to your Squarespace website and makes management of orders a lot more simple and central.

Our online platform for E-commerce integration, Mintsoft creates a smooth customer journey with tracked courier delivery. Enhance your customer experience by making use of our complete order fulfilment and management services. For more information, read our blog post on order fulfilment; The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Fulfilment

Setting up a Squarespace E-commerce Store and Order Fulfilment

We addressed the benefits of using Squarespace for E-commerce, and the features available to make your website better. Some of the benefits include – modern designs, SEO features, high limit for number of products and tools to make E-commerce easier.

We also highlighted the importance of Order fulfilment and how services can help to streamline this process and help with sustainable growth. Therefore, all that’s left to do is to start thinking about your website design and you could have you Squarespace E-commerce business up and running in no time!

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