Understanding Health & Beauty Packaging

In 2021 the UK Health and Beauty industry was estimated to be worth £36.7 billion and rising. (source) This is a competitive market and making sure you can remain competitive is really important to maintain profitability and growth.

Packaging is an important factor which affects this; making sure your packaging is hard waring and tamper proof is of the up most importance to your customer’s safety as well as minimising wastage from unsellable items.

In this article from Allegro Logistics we explore important considerations needed when choosing your Health and Beauty Packaging.

Why is health and beauty packaging important?

Sturdy and secure packaging is essential when it comes to avoiding spillages or leaks. Utilising appropriate packaging that not only looks attractive but does its job in protecting its products is something every company should consider. Such packaging will most definitely outperform competitors that ignore the importance of having a well-designed package, promoting the company’s intention of keeping the product safe. In this instance, especially when considering the health and beauty industry, the packaging is as important as the product itself. People within this sector care about appearances and tend to judge the packaging, and subsequently the product almost instantly as shoppers don’t have the time to weigh up the pros and cons of a product, consequently speeding up decision making based on that initial impression.

Businesses must be prepared to consider transportation damages and storage issues. This can frequently be attributed to a careless delivery driver, an accident, or simply a bumpy ride to the destination. Therefore, taking these potential hazards into consideration will only benefit you and the company in the long run. Even a customer buying a product directly from a store risks a potential accident – often without the customer realising unless the company have invested in appropriate packaging.

What should be included in cosmetic packaging?

It is important to list every ingredient clearly in order of weight on your product packaging. Ingredients should be listed in their International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients or INCI name. You will also need to take into consideration whether your labels will need to be waterproof – paper labels will withstand the odd splash of water and tend to be the most cost-effective form of labelling. However, beauty products are quite often kept in bathrooms so opting for a waterproof vinyl will acknowledge the storage issues. Ensuring you list the company’s contact details is also a necessity in order to allow customers to get in touch if needs be. In addition to this, it could be beneficial to include a telephone number or email address as well as a country of origin if you intend to export your product.

Shelf life is also something to include when considering packaging as current legislation requires some indication of the length of time your product will remain effective if it is less than three years. Clarifying the purpose of the contents of any packaging is essential in removing any ambiguity, and it is beneficial to include the amount to use and how best to use it. Additionally, clearly displaying the net measurements, warnings or precautions, organic credentials, whether it is cruelty-free or has been dermatologically tested as well as the recycling information.

What is the most suitable packaging for health and beauty packaging?

Like the rest of the world, it is time for cosmetic companies to make the move to go green. There is a lot of pressure for this industry to catch up in terms of ditching plastics in return for a more ecological future. Sustainable packaging can be made with all types of materials to help reduce the environmental impact of product waste. Depending on what you need to store your packaging safely, some materials can be more beneficial than others.

  • Post-consumer packaging

Also known as Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging, this method uses recycled items such as cardboard boxes, folding cartons, plastic bottles, paper, aluminium, and other daily materials. Once enough elements are collected, they are taken to a recycling facility where they are sorted and made into bale. The bale is then used to mould new items into the desired shape and sizes.

  • Bamboo packaging

Bamboo wood is often used to make cosmetic jars where it is then lined with acrylic or glass coating that is placed inside. Different types of bamboo are usually cultivated in order to provide products with more durability and variety. Bamboo also provides the possibility of branding through various printing methods such as hot stamping, laser engraving and carving among others.

  • Paper packaging

Paper packaging is one of the most common alternatives for plastic packaging as they are both biodegradable and renewable materials. They can be made to canter any custom packaging design that can help protect your products throughout their shelf life.

  • Refillable packaging

Using refillable packaging and containers is another great way to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced. These materials are often made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which gives out a tough yet flexible hold on the products you place inside. Once you have finished, you can then recycle the packaging so it can be remade into other items.

  • Cornstarch packaging

Suitable materials often include organic substances that are biodegradable and easy to recycle. Cornstarch packaging is made polylactic acid (PLA) and fermenting the plant sugar and starch. It is also one of the cheapest materials you can use to package your health and beauty products since supplies are abundant and readily available.

  • Glass packaging

Glass packaging is often considered a better a better alternative to plastic materials because there are no chemical interactions between the product and the container. Recycled glass also uses less manufacturing energy to help you save on production costs. This makes it the more favourable choice for cosmetics packaging like creams, pastes, gels and liquids.

  • Aluminium packaging

Aluminium packaging provides businesses products with more protection against light, scents and moisture since the containers can be air-tight and resist major temperature changes. This can help extend the products shelf life until it is ready to be used and is a great way to store your product. It is flexible enough to be able to mould into any shape or form making it compatible with most cosmetic and beauty products.

  • Beeswax packaging

Beeswax packaging uses a mixture of jojoba, beeswax, and select oils fused with fabrics like cotton to create a light coating. These materials are typically used as a protective layer for your products and act as an alternative to plastic packaging. Other benefits include wide customisation with the packaging as well as having antibacterial benefits.

Health and Beauty eCommerce Fullfilment with Allegro Logisitcs

Allegro Logistics are experts in ecommerce fulfilment for businesses across all sectors and industries, including pharmaceuticals, health and beauty. As a family business with over 60 years’ combined experience in the logistics sector, we are passionate about our tailored and personal approach to brands and fulfilment, offering comprehensive solutions to contemporary fulfilment demands.

Here at Allegro Logistics we offer bespoke packaging solutions, providing their customers with a seamless and flexible service allowing them to differentiate within their marketplace. This tailored packaging enables you to also stand out from the crowd, offering a safe and secure type of packaging without forfeiting on quality.

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