How to Manage Returns When Using a Third-Party Selling Website

Online marketplaces such as Amazon offer businesses a great opportunity to expand their sales by broadening their customer base. Unfortunately, using a third-party platform can make your returns process more challenging. Returns management can be a complex and time-consuming process and managing returns in house can apply unnecessary pressure on your workforce. In this blog we offer helpful information on managing returns when using a third-party selling website, and identify the advantages of outsourcing your returns with a provider such as Allegro Logistics.

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What is Returns Management?

Returns management is the retail process that enables customers to return a purchased product – starting with repackaging from a customer and ending with the seller organising the collection, organisation and relevant re-stock.

Ecommerce returns can be a real challenge for businesses – especially when selling using a third party. Not only can high return rates create a large volume of work for your team, they can also wreak havoc on profit margins and conversion rates. For this reason, being able to effectively process returns is more important than ever before. Luckily, there are a selection of strategies available for handling e-commerce returns. For businesses who exclusively sell through their own website, a return to store option may reduce pressure on returns management teams. Alternatively, businesses may give customers the option to post an item back to a warehouse or fulfilment centre – this is the most common approach for businesses without a brick-and-mortar store. When a product arrives at said warehouse or fulfilment centre, it can be inspected to assess its suitability for return.

Another popular solution for sellers using third party platforms is outsourcing reverse logistics with a provider such as Allegro Logistics. Many businesses don’t have time to manage their third party returns in house. Luckily, external logistics partners can handle the entire order fulfilment process, including returns. Seeking the help of logistics specialists can simplify your returns process – not only with expert staff but with process simplifying resources such as pre-paid packaging labels and easy to return packaging.

Benefits of Outsourcing Returns Management

Improved Customer Experience

When a business chooses to outsource their third-party returns, they allow other members of their workforce to spend more time on their designated tasks. By reducing unnecessary workload, businesses offer their employees the opportunity to complete their assigned tasks to the highest standard possible. On the flip side, handling returns internally can often lead to them becoming an afterthought. If your ‘makeshift’ returns team are also responsible for a host of other tasks, it is likely that the quality of your returns will decrease. Outsourcing returns to an external provider such as Allegro Logistics increases the likelihood of customers having a positive return experience, which then increases the likelihood of achieving repeat custom. And more local customers make for a more positive overall image of your brand.

How to Improve the Customer Experience of Your E-Commerce Business

Easier Inventory Management

Managing orders and returns requires regular inventory updates. Without the help of an outsourced specialist such as Allegro Logistics, keeping track of stock moving in and out of an inventory can be challenging and may lead to record errors. By lending this responsibility to a third party – businesses are offered both peace of mind that their stock is being managed effectively and assurance that they aren’t losing track of their stock.

Importance of Stock Control for E-Commerce Businesses


When a business outsources it’s third-party returns, limitations on scalability are removed. When a business starts off small, handling returns through third parties such as Esty or eBay might not be too much hassle. However, as a company grows and acquires more customers across more locations, internal processes might not be enough to accommodate increasing demands. By outsourcing returns management, your business is given peace of mind that even as you grow, your customer experience will not be compromised.

Access to Updated Warehouse Technology

The logistics industry is ever-growing. Over time, innovative new technologies arise that allow for more efficient, effective processes. Without access to industry experts and specially designed warehouses, businesses may find their processes fall short of their competitors. Keeping on top of changes within the industry through working with specialist companies helps keep your business to stay ahead of the curve, and even further ahead of your competitors.

Outsource your Returns Management with Allegro Logistics

Here at Allegro Logistics, we offer a range of logistical services including returns management. Outsourcing your returns when selling though a third party such as Amazon, Etsy or Ebay will give you peace of mind that your returns management is being handled efficiently and effectively. When returns are managed well, businesses have confidence that their customers are receiving a fast, high quality service, and customers build loyalty with brands that they receive good service from.

With Allegro Logistics, our returns management makes the process convenient for the customer, enabling access to real-time reporting – allowing them to keep up to date with their returned parcels. For more information about how our services could help your business, request a quote today.

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