Bespoke Packaging – Why is it Important & What are its Benefits?

Bespoke packaging is fast becoming one of the most effective ways for businesses to market their brand and products. The buyer’s journey is largely affected by aesthetics and appearance, and companies all over the world are recognising the opportunities available in customising the packaging of a product.

No longer are businesses sending out their goods in standard, generic brown boxes, they’re now being delivered in bright and quirky packages that truly reflect the nature of the brand. It’s the perfect way for ensuring their branding gets in front of every single one of their customers and has proved to be an incredibly cost-effective marketing tactic.

So to help explain a little more, here we’ve provided some of the main benefits of bespoke packaging and why you might want to utilise it if you haven’t already.

Create the Ultimate First Impression

The parcel that your customer receives will be the first encounter they have with your brand, and as you only get one chance to make a good first impression, it’s absolutely essential that you make the right impact.

With millions and millions of parcels being delivered every day and so many brands competing to grab the attention of consumers, you need to make sure your parcel is the one that stands out. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the most colourful though, a simple but clean design can often have the biggest impact in a world of over-busy advertisements.

Those that deliver their goods in a cheap and flimsy bag are unlikely to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

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Customer Experience is a Priority

Customer experience should be of utmost importance to all businesses, and packaging plays a significant role in this. Even the most exciting product can feel like a disappointment when their products arrive in a boring and generic package. It’s much more enjoyable to open a fun, quirky parcel than it is a plain brown box.

In the past, the sole purpose of packaging would be to protect its contents from damage during transit. Nowadays, many would argue that its main purpose is to enhance a company’s branding and convey brand messages.

Reduce Damages & Returns

Bespoke packaging doesn’t just mean that its design has been customised, it also means that it should be the correct size and properly securing its goods. If you’re able to shake your parcel and can hear the product rattling inside, it’s not secure and is at an increased risk of getting damaged.

This can therefore tarnish the reputation of your company and lead to more returned products, which isn’t only a hassle for the business, but research has shown that consumers are less likely to re-purchase from a company when they’ve had to return an item.

Suitable packaging that is compact and carefully designed will offer the best level of protection to its contents, and can go a long way to reducing the costs on damage and returns.

Unboxing Videos & Social Media

Unboxing videos are incredibly popular on YouTube. People with millions of subscribers regularly upload videos of them opening some of their new purchases, and if yours happens to be one of them, it’s free advertising for your company. These videos reach millions and millions of users, so it’s vital that you don’t waste the opportunity – it needs to be the one that viewers remember.

If your packaging is of particular interest, then there’s a good chance users will also post an image of it to their social media, further increasing the exposure of your brand.

Get Your Branding in Front of Customers

For retailers who sell other companies’ products, a common problem they have is getting their brand in front of their customers.

Let’s say, for example, that you resell trainers. When a customer purchases a pair of Nike trainers from you, they’re unlikely to remember your business if all they receive is the Nike shoe box the trainers arrive in. If however, you put the box in a reusable bag that includes your branding, your logo will be the first thing your consumer sees before opening the parcel. This means that even though you’re selling the goods of other manufacturers, you’re bespoke packaging ensures your branding gets in front of the consumer and is more likely to be remembered.

JD Sports are a good example – despite selling Nike, Adidas and a range of other brands’ products, they put all goods in and provide all of their customers with a JD Sports-branded bag.

Bespoke Packaging Manufacturer

Here at Allegro Logistics, we supply bespoke packaging tailored to each of your products’ specific dimensions and appearance. We specialise in providing customer focused logistics solutions to clients across the UK and all over the world, and are passionate about revolutionising your packaging operations.

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