Jones & Modha

The Problem

Jones & Modha are a natural, unisex perfume made with consciously sourced plant-based ingredients, expertly blended in Somerset. As a sustainable, non-synthetic British brand with minimal packaging, they needed a reliable fulfilment partner that aligned with their core values, so they could focus on the business.

The Solution

Without the time to hire storage space and deliver the logistics and dispatch themselves – Allegro took the challenge out of their hands and made the running of the brand far smoother. Allegro provide warehouse storage, pick and pack, and fulfilment for both their stockists and ecommerce platform.

When the pandemic hit, Jones & Modha needed to produce sample bottles so that customers could try out their fragrances, being unable to test them in store. Allegro were quick to take on the second product and guaranteed the right samples was sent out – empowering Jones & Modha to thrive!

The Outcome

Allegro has made a major element of the running of Jones & Modha much simpler, taking the worry right out of their hands whilst they concentrate on the big things: Taking perfume back to its roots.

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Testimonial from Catrin MacDonnell, Jones & Modha

“Allegro were very generous with their advice when we set up with them, they could not have been more helpful! Taylor and the rest of the team are very responsive and quick to sort any issues that arise.”


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