What are the Benefits of a WMS?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed to streamline the warehouse storage process. The core role of a WMS software is to organise, control and administer warehouse operations from the moment an item enters the warehouse until it leaves.

A WMS can provide information on an organisation’s inventory, time stamps, and location information on parcels, and tracking as the item moves through the facility.

It is common to combine a WMS with a Transport Management System (TMS) to ensure a smooth and reliable logistics service.

WMS can be stand-alone software or integrated with a larger management platform. Many companies find it more beneficial to develop their own WMS, rather than trying to adapt an off the shelf package to suit their needs. After all, to be most efficient it is important that a logistics company has a WMS that works for them rather than creating more problems.

Although the creation and implementation of a WMS system can be extremely expensive, companies such as Allegro Logistics understand the benefits that they produce over time.

By being more effective at tracking, storing and transporting goods, Allegro are able to offer a better service to their clients and cut costs by operating at a more efficient level.

Key Features of a WMS

Inventory Tracking
By using a WMS that holds accurate information on the goods held in your warehouse, you will have access to up to date and correct information of any inventory held on site.

Goods In/Out Tracking
More important than knowing what is currently being held inside your warehouse, is tracking what is coming in and what is going out. Without this data the information of what you are holding inside your warehouse is completely irrelevant. You need to keep an accurate account of anything being booked in and leaving the premises to ensure that your logistics team can operate efficiently.

Picking Information
Holding accurate information within your WMS will allow you to quickly and efficiently locate stock that needs to be shipped. Having this system in place greatly increases productivity within the warehouse.

Shipping Management
Most WMS systems can be tied into a shipping and transport system. This allows for additional tacking information to be generated, and scheduling it allows you to be more efficient with your logistics operation.

Labour Management
By having an effective system in place to improve your productivity and tracking you can effectively manage your staff. It is a well-known fact that in the service sector one of the biggest investments that a business needs to make is in staff hours. By having an effective WMS in place, you will be able to reduce the time spent locating items, sorting items and shipping items, meaning that you will save time and money for your business.

With a WMS that allows you to draw information and data about your company you will be able to generate detailed reports to improve your productivity. From highlighting trends and bottle necks, to planning for growth and business expansion, all business decisions should be backed up with accurate date and evidence. By implementing an effective WMS, you will be able to produce reports of your company performance and highlight areas for improvement.

Allegro logistics have an effective strategy in place to manage their warehouse and delivery network.

If you are looking for a logistics solution that you can trust for your business, get in touch with our team today. Their dedicated staff are on hand to help you find the best solution for your logistic requirements.

Allegro Logistics provide a fully managed fulfilment solution from point of sale material through to e-commerce. Their customers benefit from a seamless, flexible solution enabling them to differentiate within their marketplace.

With ever tightening deadlines and demands for last minute picking, packing and shipping, Allegro Logistics have the resources and responsiveness to offer a market leading solution.

  • Same day dispatch
  • Integrated Warehouse Management System
  • Range of distribution channels (National / International)
  • Accurate real time information
  • Total accountability
  • Flexibility

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