Pick and Pack – What is Pick and Pack Fulfilment?

As your business grows, having an efficient strategy for processing orders is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Some businesses handle their pick and pack process themselves. However, as orders increase, third party logistic providers (3PL’s) can help streamline the pick and pack process, and ensure customers get the correct items, well-presented and in a timely manner.

Allegro Logistics are leading providers of e-commerce fulfilment and know the importance of effective order processing. With extensive experience in logistics and a passion for helping businesses grow, we aim to provide a slick, flawless service that adapts to new challenges and embraces state-of-the-art technology.

In this blog, we go through what pick and pack means in the world of e-commerce shipping, and how the process works.

What is Pick and Pack?

Pick and pack is fundamental to any successful e-commerce fulfilment system. When an order is placed by a customer, the two-stage process is set off. Simply put, a warehouse employee or ‘pick-packer’ will use a pick list to select the correct type and number of items from a range of locations. After this, the items will be placed in the correct sized box and packaged to ensure customer goods are safe and well-presented upon arrival.

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Types of Pick and Pack Fulfilment

There are various types of pick and pack fulfilment. The process used in each warehouse will depend upon the amount of orders being fulfilled, the size of the space and the number of employees.

Piece Pick and Pack

This is the simplest of the four typesand involves each pick packer finding and collecting all of the items on their pick list and then moving onto the next order. This can be an effective process for small businesses, but is not often used in larger warehouses as one employee having to cover long distances to find all of the items themselves, one order at a time, can result in delays.

Batch Pick and Pack

This is similar to the previous type, however the employees will be dealing with multiple pick lists at once, meaning they can multi-task and be more efficient.

Zone Pick and Pack

In larger warehouses, zone pick and pack is often used because it decreases travel time between areas. Basically, employees stay in one area of the warehouse and only collect items that are in their zone. If orders contain items from multiple zones, the items are sent on once picked via conveyer belts, robots, tubes or other means.

Wave Pick and Pack

Like zone pick and pack, this type decreases travel times by making employees each cover only a specific area of the warehouse. The only difference here is that they will handle multiple lists – again with the aim of increasing efficiency and speeding up the process.

How Does Pick and Pack Work?

At Allegro Logistics, we are passionate about providing a flawless fulfilment service for our clients and are constantly looking to invest in new technologies and further rationalise our methods. Using a cloud-based order management system, we can process high volumes of orders and integrate many different online platforms, resulting in seamless shipping procedures with real-time reports and up-to-date tracking information. But how does the process work?

  1. An order is placed by a customer shopping online, setting off the pick and pack process.
  2. The required items are identified using our advanced scanning technology and bins allocated to track and collate all the items of the order.
  3. Employees accurately assemble the items from over 3,500 locations in our warehouse and deliver them to the packing station.
  4. Here, the order is wrapped according to the client’s wishes, placed into branded packaging and shipping labels are applied. The consignments can then be handed over to couriers.

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Why Use a Fulfilment Service?

Many businesses can benefit from outsourcing their order fulfilment as 3PL’s increase shipping speeds and facilitate the smooth running of the e-commerce operation and positive customer experiences. Not only that, using a fulfilment service helps to prevent costly shipping errors, saving you money in the process. It also takes the stress of fulfilling orders away, meaning you have more time for developing new products and growing your brand, without being hindered by your fulfilment capacity.

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Reliable E-Commerce Fulfilment in Bristol

At Allegro Logistics, we pride ourselves on offering a consistent, dynamic service that combines family values with professionalism and the latest, cutting-edge technology – all to help your business go from strength to strength.

Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you might have about using an e-commerce fulfilment service and can even provide you with a no obligation custom quote.

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