Pallet Delivery – Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Distribution and Delivery

Businesses across the world use pallets as part of their stock delivery, order fulfilment, product distribution and more. Pallets are delivered all over the world, chosen for their effective stock holding and strength.

At Allegro Logistics we routinely use pallets to move and store stock for various national and international businesses at our expansive warehouse just outside Bristol. With our extensive experience in logistics services, even offering same day pallet delivery, and dedicated storage and fulfilment facilities, we are best placed to explain what pallet delivery is, how it works and why businesses should consider pallet delivery.

What is Pallet Delivery?

Pallet delivery, in its most simple terms, is using pallets to move and distribute goods. As a sturdy base, pallets are used to securely hold loads of goods making for efficient transport; pallets can hold around 1000kg.

Where a package is one or more items placed together for shipment, pallet shipping is stacking multiple packages with the same destination together on a pallet. It is far more cost-effective for businesses to ship/deliver goods together as one bigger shipment than as multiple smaller ones.

Pallets are also used within warehouses to effectively move large loads of stock around. Logistics companies often offer pallet delivery services as well as storage, conveniently using pallets as storage bases for easy movement.

Pallet Types

Pallets are usually made from wood, used for its durability, density and sustainability. Alternative materials are available, such as plastic or recycled wood, however these are less mainstream and more costly options.

A ‘stringer pallet’ is the most common type of pallet, made up of the characteristic planks and lifted by a forklift or specialised pallet truck. A ‘block pallet’ has a stronger design and additional spacers so it is easier to lift from any angle.

Pallet Delivery Types

There are various types of pallet delivery beyond domestic or international delivery:

  • Pallet courier – transport for one or two pallets.
  • Full load service – shipment of pallets takes up whole lorry.
  • Partial load service – a few pallets transported.
  • Dedicated service – dedicated delivery for just one customer whereby driver collects pallets and delivers straight to recipient.

How Does Pallet Delivery Work?

Depending on the delivery provider, whether a central transport hub is used, and the format of the agreement for the customer, the exact details of pallet delivery can vary.

Here is the general process of pallet delivery:

  • Business which needs pallet delivery contacts service for pallet collection (or if using warehousing, logistics provider is contacted and pallet/s prepared).
  • Items are placed on the pallet/s and secured with wrapping, usually stretch or shrink wrap.
  • Pallet/s is then collected by delivery provider at the time and place dictated by the customer.
  • Once delivered to the distribution warehouse, the pallet/s is loaded onto another delivery truck for delivery alongside other geographically local
  • shipments.
  • Pallet/s shipment goes out for delivery in the local area; tracking is often offered for customers.
  • Pallet/s is delivered to recipient – delivery providers usually aim for within 24 or 48 hours.

At Allegro Logistics we make pallet delivery even simpler for our customers, even offering 24- or 48-hour pallet delivery thanks to our experienced team and dedicated facilities. We simply come to pick up your pallets at the agreed time, then perform your delivery. With our tracked service, paperwork handling and variety of other logistics services, we remove all hassle for our customers.

Check out our domestic transport solutions. If you are looking to deliver worldwide, we offer extensive international freight forwarding.

Pallet Distribution Network

A pallet distribution network describes the collaboration of various logistics providers to create efficient and cost-effective pallet solutions. Essentially, one delivery provider can’t deliver pallets quickly across the whole country alone and must collaborate with others to make the process quick and effective. Commonly, various providers from different geographies collaborate so pallets can be delivered to most locations in the shortest times.

By working together with trusted partners, pallet delivery providers can offer faster delivery, lower prices and comprehensive logistics services.

Why Do Businesses Use Pallet Delivery?

There are many benefits for businesses using pallet delivery.

Pallet Effectiveness

Most importantly to businesses, pallets are cost-effective as well as durable; they are proven, popular delivery tools. Pallets are versatile and can carry various items without issues, and even if breakage occurs, the problem can be easily fixed.


Pallet delivery providers cater to a range of options and delivery sizes, from partial pallets to full load services, ensuring customers have all their pallet delivery needs taken care of.


Present domestic pallet delivery can usually be offered at same day (24 hours) or overnight (48 hours) timeframes. Businesses can quickly send pallets and keep their customers happy without disrupting the supply chain.

Comprehensive Service

Most expert and equipped pallet delivery providers will assist with loading, unloading and even wrapping pallets at no extra cost. This secures goods on the pallet and protects against damage during delivery.

Local Networks

To save on time and money, businesses can choose from a range of couriers to find one locally. Through a trusted pallet delivery network, businesses can choose their preferred pallet delivery provider and gain benefits associated with collaboration.

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We provide pallet and stock storage, as well as a range of domestic and international transport services, at out 30,000sq ft facility just outside Bristol, with capacity to store over 2000 pallets. With a dedicated dock leveller for quick unloading, repacking and prep, our monitored warehouse with 24hr CCTV, and our own fleet of vehicles, Allegro Logistics are trusted, reliable logistics providers.

Check out our same day and overnight pallet delivery services. Or, talk to us about your storage or fulfilment requirements.

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