How E-commerce Fulfilment Can Help Grow Your Fashion Brand

In the age of online retail, e-commerce fulfilment can be the making or breaking of a fashion brand. For customers shopping online for clothing, an effective and reliable e-commerce structure will make all the difference to customer experience and will directly influence whether or not they become a return customer.

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers seek to support businesses with e-commerce fulfilment – reducing their task load and leaving them to concentrate on other elements of business management. Here at Allegro Logistics we’re experienced logistics and e-commerce fulfilment providers dedicated to helping businesses such as fashion brands fulfil their online orders.

In this blog, we discuss how e-commerce fulfilment can help grow a fashion brand, outlining ways in which fashion brands can take advantage of e-commerce and third-party fulfilment providers – and noting the benefits these can have.

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How to Grow an Online Fashion Brand

Allow Shopping on Numerous Channels

As an online fashion brand, it is likely your buyers fall into different age categories. Research into the shopping preferences of different age groups highlights variation in shopping preferences – particularly regarding the channels used to shop – for example, some using large retailers, others using web stores.

To maximise the growth of your brand, understanding which percentage of your customers shop where is essential. By understanding where your traffic comes from, your brand is able to leverage the power of search engines and marketplaces to enhance sales. A successful brand will offer its customers ease of access to its products across a range of platforms – catering simultaneously to varied shopping preferences.

Optimise Product Descriptions

While often overlooked, product descriptions play a considerable role in the growth of online fashion retailers, especially those leaning into e-commerce strategies to expand their business. An effective product description communicates a product’s features, value and worth.

Good product descriptions that fit closely with product imagery result in increased conversion rates and a simpler shopping experience for customers – that will likely result in return custom.

Focus on Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews can heavily influence a shopper’s choice of whether or not to purchase a product – especially when it comes to fashion. Reviews provide a customer with additional information about a product’s features, material – even strengths and weaknesses. Providing clear access to reviews takes some of the guesswork out of whether a product will be right for them. In addition, the transparency granted by reviews helps build customer trust.

Use Social Media

In the age of modern marketing, social media is an essential part of curating an engaged customer base. Social media allows online fashion brands to acquire new customers through the use of appealing, tailored content that showcases their products.

Social media can also provide an ideal promotion platform for any discounts, promotions or new product launches. The incorporation of influencer marketing is also an increasingly popular method of sing social media to grow an online fashion brand.

The Benefits of 3PL for Fashion Brands

Often, brands who utilise e-commerce to sell their products will outsource their logistics to a third party provider. While many businesses start off managing this themselves, as a company grows – third party logistics partners allow businesses to continue operating effectively as they scale.

Other key benefits of using third party logistics for your online fashion brand include:

Cost Savings

When operating a busy business, it can be challenging for internal staff members to keep their finger on the pulse of logistics costs. 3PL providers constantly remain on the lookout for ways to maximise efficiency, cut costs and add value to customer experience.

This efficiency grants brands peace of mind that their logistics are always being handled as cost-effectively as possible. In addition, 3PL providers can often access better transportation rates with carriers – due to their collective order volumes and frequency of custom.

Access to Expertise

In addition to reducing costs, 3PL providers possess the necessary knowledge and experience in transportation, documentation, import and export, customs, international compliance and shipping regulations. They also offer up-to-date advice that reflects best industry practices – this not only maximises the efficiency of their service but also improves their ability to resolve issues when they arise.

Focus on Core Responsibilities

By outsourcing logistics, businesses are granted the freedom to concentrate on the internal workings of their business. Organising logistical factors can take a business’ employees away from their primary responsibilities, further workload and increase stress. Organising transportation, in particular, can take up large amounts of time, and 3PL providers help by providing the resources and manpower to manage it efficiently

Risk Mitigation

When it comes to managing the supply chain, delays are frequent. Luckily 3PL providers are experienced in dealing with and resolving unforeseen delays – whether this be due to transportation issues or damaged products. Additionally, being insured against loss or damaged products allows 3PLs to help their clients deal with unforeseen circumstances as quickly as possible.


Customer Satisfaction

With all these advantages combined – the overarching advantage of using a third-party logistics provider is improved customer service. By streamlining logistics and effectively handling any challenges. Your customers receive their garments more quickly and without damage. These factors immediately translate to increased customer satisfaction – a key goal for any online fashion brand looking to grow and expand its customer base.

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