The Dram Team Case Study  

The Problem

Every month, The Dram Team curate and deliver subscription boxes to their customers, helping more and more people discover the world of whisky from the comfort of their own homes. Three years ago, their expertise and passion for their product meant subscriptions were beginning to accelerate, however the amount of time spent on manual order fulfilment was inevitably growing too. Due to the nature of the subscription box model, the majority of order fulfilment was concentrated onto a single day, which was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.

The Solution

Allegro took the strain by fully automating The Dram Team’s order management. Our e-commerce fulfilment solution involved storing, wrapping, and shipping the monthly boxes on their behalf. This meant the Dram Team were better able to deal with surges in demand around holidays like Fathers’ Day and Christmas and deliver an enhanced customer journey every single day. Working with Allegro allowed The Dram Team to scale because we could expand to handle whatever capacity they needed, supporting their growth every step of the way

The Outcome

From 80-100 boxes a month to around 800-1000, The Dram Team are going from strength to strength. Our stress-free automated shipping solutions have given the business the space and time they need to optimise their service and adapt to changing demand over the course of the year. Working with Allegro means The Dram Team don’t need to waste time calling up couriers and printing off address labels. Instead, with Allegro at their side, The Dram Team are set to continue their growth.


“When I thought I was too small to outsource my fulfilment, Allegro bet on me. Working with Allegro took away the pain of managing orders myself, allowed The Dram Team to scale, and helped me deliver a better, more consistent experience for my customers.”

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