M-24 Case Study

Client Overview

M-24 is a prominent UK-based urban bag brand with a global customer base. Known for its high-quality products, M24 bags are designed from recycled truck tarpaulin. Each bag is totally unique because of the variety of lorry curtains (truck tarps) we use.

The Challenge

M-24 needed a fulfilment solution that could seamlessly align with their precise stock management processes and accommodate rapid order turnaround to meet the demands of their global customer base.

The Solution

Allegro, a leading logistics provider, delivered a comprehensive solution tailored precisely to M-24’s requirements. Allegro’s expertise in logistics and distribution allowed for the seamless integration of their services with M-24’s sophisticated stock control system. This ensured efficient operations and facilitated significant business growth. Allegro’s support extended beyond standard services to encompass freight management, handling all UK deliveries with expert precision.’.

The Result

The partnership with Allegro resulted in exceptional customer satisfaction for M-24, creating avenues for the business to scale and expand its operations globally. With Allegro’s support, M-24 was able to streamline fulfilment processes and enhance customer experiences, ultimately driving business growth.’.

Testimonial from Mat Dusting, Founder of M-24 (www.m-24.co.uk):

“Partnering with Allegro has not only brought me great customer satisfaction but also opened up opportunities to scale my business to new heights. Allegro’s tailored solutions and reliable support have been instrumental in our success.”


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