Benefits of Custom Packaging for Small Businesses

For a small business looking to maximise its potential, standing out against the competition informs every aspect of its strategy – from production to marketing. In today’s saturated market, a brand’s distinctiveness can often mean the difference between success and failure. How a product is packaged plays a huge role in how it stands out – a role we believe is too often overlooked. That’s why today, our team of fulfilment experts at Allegro Logistics have decided to break down how and why bespoke packaging can help your business flourish.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom or bespoke packaging refers to packaging that is uniquely designed around its product. This is in contrast to standard or stock packaging, which is a generic packaging produced in mass quantities with limited, standardised size options.

Custom packaging not only reflects the dimensions and weight of the product, but also a sense of brand identity. Standard packaging, on the other hand, does not convey anything to the consumer about your brand or your product. It usually comes in the form of a plain cardboard box. Even if the customer was satisfied with your product, they’re less likely to come back if your overall brand failed to make a connection with them. That’s where custom packaging can help you out.

What are the Benefits of Custom Packaging?

Perhaps the first and most obvious benefit of bespoke packaging is that it offers products better protection compared to stock packaging. Custom packaging better ensures the integrity of the product via compact and tailored designs.
Stock packaging, on the other hand, is premade, and therefore does not account for what it is transporting. This naturally increases the risk of the product becoming damaged during transit.
With custom packaging, you can be assured that your product will remain in a fixed position. This is vital for fragile products, such as glassware.

Efficient Storage
Since custom packaging reflects the size and shape of the product, it inherently saves space. This means that you can more efficiently store your products in warehouses, stores, and shipping vehicles. The more units you can store and ship, the more you can sell.

Custom packaging offers businesses a low-cost avenue for additional marketing. With custom packaging, businesses can add logos, brand colours, promotional material, and marketing slogans in a way they can’t to a premade package.
Furthermore, by getting creative with the aesthetics of the package, businesses turn their customers into brand ambassadors. Consumers love to show off brands that excite them on social media, and a unique package presents them with the opportunity for unboxing – which only spreads awareness of, and interest in, your brand.
Ask yourself what sets your business apart, what its story is, and what its company values are, then convey those things to the consumer with custom packaging.

Repeat Business
Building on from the last point, investing in custom packaging markedly increases the customer experience. A package that’s unique and interesting implicitly conveys to the consumer that they are getting a valuable product. This gives new customers a great first impression of your business and increases the likelihood that they turn into repeat-buyers. A stock package, such as an unmarked brown box, does not give your customer the opportunity to think about your brand.
In order to grow your business, you want the customer to be thinking about your brand as a whole – not just your product and how well it suits their needs. A stylish package builds brand loyalty among new customers, who will better remember it compared to a plain box with no branding.

Standing Out
Perhaps the most significant advantage of custom packaging is that it makes your business stand out from its competitors. A well-designed package elevates what you’re selling, turning it from being simply a product to an experience.
No matter what you’re selling, bespoke packaging can work to convince consumers that it’s unique and valuable, rather than being one of many such products of its kind on the market. When presented alongside other products on a store shelf, your packaging is the key to drawing the consumer’s attention. What colours does it use? What shape is it? What materials is it made out of? The more of these questions you ask, the more effectively you can increase your product’s exposure. The last thing you want for your product – whether it’s in a physical store or an online one – is for it to blend into its competition.

Why are these Benefits Important for Small Businesses?

A smaller budget means you have to be smarter with how you invest it. While standard packaging itself is inexpensive, you have to purchase further materials (such as bubble wrap and other packing fillers) to keep the product secure during transit.

Just as the custom packaging is tailored to the shape of your product, so too should it be tailored to your target consumer. Having a clear idea of your target consumer in mind will enable you to create a custom package that builds a lasting connection with them. This relationship is what enables small businesses to flourish.

But to create a winning custom package, you first need to partner with a specialist organisation. That’s where Allegro Logistics comes in.

Custom Packaging with Allegro Logistics

At Allegro Logistics, we offer a range of bespoke packaging and marketing services, with the aim of providing businesses with a one-stop shop for all their logistical needs. Our streamlined fulfilment business model allows our clients to focus their energy on their product while we take care of everything else. From labelling to printing and blister packs to promotional campaigns, our specialist teams collaborate to ensure clients optimal efficiency and the highest quality.

For more information on how Allegro Logistics can help take your brand to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff today.

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